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  • You want to explore a new career
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  • You want to advance in your career but want help devising an action plan






Creating the legacy you’ve dreamed of is possible right now and you don’t have to figure out how all on your own. I created the P3 Mastermind for budding entrepreneurs who are ready to launch and grow their businesses to be wildly successful.

In this 6-month mastermind, 11 ambitious and hand selected participants will jump-start their dreams with extraordinary helpful resources and collaboration. In this facilitated collaborative program you’ll learn necessities for success including:

  • Business Strategies and Processes
  • Maximizing Profit-Potential
  • Brand Clarity
  • Product/Service Offerings
  • Sales Funnels
  • Business Blueprint

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Your aspirations are unique and so your development should be unique too. At BOSS Academy, our courses are customized to meet you where you are.

Enroll in one or all of the programs to reach your highest aspirations. Each program will provide you with tools and strategies to succeed and grow at each stage of your journey.

SHIFT focuses on personal and professional development, which is necessary if you want to take your career or business to the next level.

ELEVATE is made for you if you’re looking to better navigate your career to ensure career advancement.
EVOLVE is for my parallelpreneurs and budding entrepreneurs who desire the processes and strategies needed to build business success and reach your profit potential. 


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"Lashana is an amazing coach! In one session, she helped me identify my block to success: fear. Once we knew the root cause, it was easy to combat. Now I’m preparing to start a new job, and feeling more confident about my abilities. Since I’ve used life coaches before, I didn’t expect anything different or knew. Boy was I wrong! In our first session, Lashana somehow helped me see that my job dissatisfaction was connected to my feeling less prepared and capable. You know, the feeling that everyone else knows more than you? Now that I’ve identified the problem, it’s all downhill. Lashana is incredibly perceptive in helping you discover your own personal tools for success. A session with her is kind of like talking to a really good friend, who firmly, but gently, helps you become the best you that you can be. I have loved working with someone who knows what it’s like to want more, and more importantly, knows what it’s like to feel uncertain about how to get it. Since I’ve been working with Lashana, I’ve gotten more clarity about what I want and about my power to make it happen."

Ms. Imani Monica McCullough

“Lashana Williams is excellent as a professional development/career coach. For the last 2 years, I have received invaluable feedback and assistance in various areas such as networking, negotiating, handling of various workplace situations and also resume review. What Lashana adds above and beyond the skill sets mentioned above is empathy, patience and understanding for each situation or ask that I have brought to her. I feel that her coaching is individualized because I am not given a standard coaching guide but rather feedback customized for me because she has been able to read my personality. As a result of taking the time to know me and my goals, Lashana has been able to make suggestions that I am comfortable with, help me put many things in perspective and in their proper place and all in a time frame that works for me."

Mrs. Charlene Anderson

Lashana Williams is an excellent professional and personal career coach. I have known Lashana for a number of years. Her ethics as well as core values go beyond personal as well as business. A lot of times as women we need like minded individuals in order to assist and manifest the goals we set for ourselves. Lashana will keep you motivated, assist with solutions based on experience, and utilize her leadership skills to help you see your vision through. I highly recommend Lashana for Business and Career coaching services to help your business grow and use the knowledge you have acquired to fulfill your vision."

Ms. Nicole Gatlin