Can I do what I love, and love what I do?

The answer is YES! Working in corporate America over 20 years, Lashana N Williams knows how it feels to go into work every day unfulfilled and unhappy. She knows what it’s like to wish for Friday at 8am on Monday morning. And for this reason she is committed to helping you discover the career that brings you joy.

Lashana N Williams, Success Navigator and CEO of Women’s Journey 2 Success LLC, is a certified career and life coach whose personal mission is to “motivate, inspire, and empower women to uncover their life’s purpose and achieve their personal and professional best.” Lashana N Williams has held several leadership positions, and successfully climbed the corporate ladder from temporary employee to finance executive. She is no stranger to the challenges one faces on their journey to success. Fueled by her personal mission, she is committed to helping you discover your “career fit” – the career that is aligned with your passions and purpose.

Throughout her career she served as a mentor to numerous professionals at varying levels, provided business solutions to several entrepreneurial ventures and created a formal mentor program for a top fortune 500 company. As a success navigator, Lashana N Williams is your compass on your journey to discovering your ideal career. She offers premier programs and services to help you go from SURVIVING (going to work every day counting down the minutes/hours until Friday) to THRIVING (feeling fulfilled, being passionate about your career and having a sense of purpose).

Her resume may speak to her experience as an accounting/finance professional. But her years of providing one-on-one career coaching, co-hosting women’s retreats, and offering programs to help women navigate their careers, is evidence of her passion to help you boldly chart your career path and ultimately find the career that is custom fit just for you.

Work with me and you will…

  • Create a customized career map
  • Achieve your desired level of success
  • Increase your professional confidence
  • Shatter the “glass ceiling” that’s keeping you stuck in your career
  • Unlock your “true calling” – in your career or business venture
  • Are You Ready To Take The Journey?

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