“There isn’t enough time in the day.”  “I don’t have enough money.”  “I can’t start anything until the kids are in college.”

The list of reasons why we don’t pursue our passion(s) are endless. I was notorious for using lack of time or the need for yet another gadget as reasons why I couldn’t complete my book. I now realize that the real reason was FEAR.  Wow, even as I confess it in this blog I can’t believe that I allowed fear to cripple me to the point where publishing my book was almost a faint and distant vision.

When I first started the process of writing my book and before I was crippled by fear, my visions were vivid; including dreams of what I would wear when Oprah interviewed me (I was sharp from head to toe), the pen I would use to autograph the thousands of books purchased at one of my book signings and the many places I would visit as I promoted my book around the world. These visions motivated me and were the catalyst for the first 100 pages of my book. However as completion became a close reality FEAR made its presence and was able to imprison my thoughts, basically holding my dreams hostage.

As luck would have it, I received an article from one of my sister friends entitled 10 Reasons Never to Stop Writing Your Story. This article discussed many of the excuses I used such as “There are several inspirational books why would anyone want to read mine, I will never have enough time to complete this book with my hectic work schedule, do I really want to be this vulnerable with potential readers who could be my colleagues or family members”. For each excuse the article provided antidotes for me to push forward and tell my story.

I must admit, although this article lit a fire in me to continue writing, it wasn’t until a dear friend of mine asked me a simple but profound question. She asked “what’s keeping you from completing your book”, and it was at that moment I ran out of excuses. It was at this point I realized excuses are just that, something to help us justify why we can’t purse our passion(s) or fulfill our life’s purpose.

So I’ve taken a vow that I will no longer make excuses for why I can’t do something. I will be honest with myself as to why I’m not achieving my goals and make changes accordingly. No longer will I be held hostage by my excuses. And today I’m happy to announce that I’ve published my first book, The Stranger Within: One Woman’s Journey to Self-Love, my memoir about my battle with low self-esteem and depression.

Ok so I ask you…what excuses are you making? I challenge you to be honest when answering this question. Being brutally honest with yourself will help in identifying your blocks and will help in devising a plan to push forward along the path to passion and purpose.

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