Who Are You?

Meeting new people can be exhausting and awkward. You spend the first few minutes stating your name (which for some reason always sounds like you’re hearing it for the first time), providing your job title (depending on what you do, this may take a while to explain) and/or your marital status and...

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“Me Time” is Exactly What the Dr Ordered!

By lashanacoaches / June 24, 2016 / Journey To Self-Love, Keys To Success, Success Challenge / No Comments

When was the last time you enjoyed spending time with yourself? When was the last time you enjoyed a movie, sat at a table for one or just pampered yourself with a nice bubble bath, candles, music and maybe a glass of wine?   Unfortunately many of us do not schedule regular “me time...

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The Success Spotlight – LaQuita McBride

NAME: LaQuita McBride BUSINESS NAME: Oh Soo Butta TITLE:  Entrepreneur and Community Service Worker HOW DO YOU DEFINE SUCCESS? I honestly define success as being the stepping stone to every block you can overcome in life by creating your own unique vision for. And most importantly, loving yoursel...

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