Is it possible to have it all? I believe the answer is…YES, eventually, but not all at once.

Let me clarify by saying there is a time in life when everything comes together and you will have it all, but it’s only after the journey when this becomes possible. For example I feel I’m in a place in life where I truly have it all – everything I’m supposed to have at this moment in time. But the journey to my having it all began several years ago.


I moved to Atlanta 15 years ago, leaving behind my friends and everything that was familiar to me. I knew I had to leave New York, but feared I was going to be lonely – only interacting with my family – because I didn’t make friends easily. I loved my family, but the thought of only socializing with them did not have the makings of a thriving social life. Luckily through my cousin I was able to connect with one of her friends who then introduced me to several wonderful young ladies. It wasn’t easy to allow these women in my “circle of trust” for my experience with females had been unpleasant at best – cattiness, jealously, dishonesty, and do I need to mention the back stabbing. Through time, tears and trust these ladies became closer to me than family and continue to be my Sister Friends. It is through their friendship that I learned the meaning of true sisterhood, and now I have a circle filled with positive, supportive, loving and fabulous women.


I graduated college with a BS in Accounting. I loved numbers and troubleshooting but I wasn’t convinced Accounting was it for me. I questioned my professional future and found myself on several occasions (everyday) asking God if there was more for me. Days, months and even years passed before God answered my question or at least until I heard Him. Maybe 5 years after I first posed the question to God I discover Accounting was the catalyst to me discovering my purpose. While struggling through my career as an Accountant I learned that I enjoyed and excelled in financial analysis and business strategy. This was also around the time I learned that I have a passion for helping people navigate their careers, inspiring and motivating people to find their ideal vocation and assisting people in the discovery of their life’s purpose. This epiphany coupled with the encouragement and support of my sister friends helped me to embrace my “calling” as a Financial Analyst, Career Coach, Author and Retreat Facilitator. After several years of exploration and longing for fulfillment I’m now living out my life’s purpose.


For years I battled with low self-esteem. Living every day in darkness. This darkness negatively impacted my relationships (with both males and females), my happiness and my outlook on the future. My self-image was completely shattered, my self-worth nonexistent and my self-confidence unstable at best. I would walk around every day wearing a “mask” to camouflage the pain hoping that no one would discover that although I was smiling on the outside I was crying on the inside. I was in pain. With the help of one of my sister friends I was put on the path to healing. Over the course of three, maybe four years, I traveled the journey to self-love. And although it was tough, it was worth it. It is because of this journey that I now see myself as a beautiful, confident, intelligent phenomenal woman. Today I have the self-love I longed for most of my life (38 years to be exact).

So using my life as an example, having it all is possible but it may not manifest all at the same time. Having it all is a journey just like everything else in life. But if we embrace and respect the journey having it all is not only possible it is inevitable.

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