Take a minute and think about how you define success. If it helps, try completing this sentence, I would consider myself successful if

Was your response influenced by society’s definition – money, house, marriage, 2 children and a dog? OR was it the nagging voice of family or friends telling you that “you must go to college, you must be a lawyer or doctor, or you must get married in order to be successful” OR was it your own preconceived idea of what success should look like? If any of these outside forces influenced your answer I ask that you dedicate some time and energy to visualizing what brings you happiness and what life would look like if you were living your life with purpose.

The definition of success should be personal and specific to you. It should not be based on the ideals and beliefs of others. My definition of success is…living out my life’s purpose; thus having the peace, joy and happiness God intended.

Understanding that success is a journey I have established 10 secrets to success to help me, and hopefully you, stay on course:

  1. Surround yourself with positive people – on your journey you will need to lean on your circle for support, motivation and sometimes a swift kick in the butt so you won’t quit. Therefore it’s important for your circle to be comprised of people who will uplift you and not tear you down.
  2. Be authentic (always be yourself) – being someone other than yourself is frustrating and creates an internal struggle. In order for you to live out your God given purpose you must accept and appreciate the unique, beautiful and magnificent person that is YOU.
  3. Incorporate your passion(s) daily – doing what you enjoy on a daily basis will result in a more happy and fulfilled life.
  4. Schedule “me time” – success is achieved one step/day at a time. Therefore you must recharge to maintain the energy necessary to continue along your journey.
  5. Strive for progress not perfection – perfection is the theft of success. Don’t allow perfection to stop you from achieving your desired level of success.
  6. Maintain a spiritual foundation. Enough said!!!
  7. Make laughter a part of your daily routine.
  8. Be thankful for a new day and take advantage of the blessings and opportunities another day brings.
  9. Remember you are only limited by your imagination. Dream BIG and dream often. Your possibilities are endless if you allow your imagination to be limitless.
  10. Never allow money to be your sole source of motivation; follow your passion, stay true to your purpose and the rest will follow.

Coaching Moment: in a couple of days/weeks complete the statement once again, I would consider myself successful if… Pay close attention to how your response has changed, ask yourself what you need to do to achieve your personal definition of success, and devise a plan to make it happen. The success you desire is at your fingertips…Let’s Make It Happen!!!

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