BookFrontBackMockupThe Stranger Within: One Woman’s Journey to Self-Love

Low self-esteem is a deceptive enemy. It can take years to break free from emotional scars and even longer to rebuild any sense of self-worth. But author Lashana N. Williams is here to tell you that you can fight the demon of self-hate—and win.

Her stirring memoir, The Stranger Within, gives her account of her rough road to self-love, from growing up in the ghetto thinking she could never amount to anything to striving for success in the business world while still doubting her value.

As you read her inspiring story that, step-by-step, leads to victory, you’ll be empowered to go on your own brave journey to overcome whatever is holding you back and rediscover your voice and your value.

Learn how to reestablish your confidence, recognize your true worth, and finally love yourself as you deserve. The world needs you to be you. Welcome to the transformative adventure of becoming your best self.

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